Long Road to Recovery with my Personal Injury

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The Long Road to Recovery

A few years ago I was unfortunate enough to be involved in a serious car accident which left me with some very serious injuries.  The road to rehabilitation was a long journey, most of which you can see on my blog page.  It recounts my battle to claim for personal injury compensation and how I found a really good solicitor to help me out with the whole thing – I am forever grateful to Martin Edwards of Bristol for the help he gave me.  If you are reading this Martin, massive thanks – and you come highly recommended as a personal injury solicitor.

Over time, I will develop this domain to be a blog for my own hobbies and interests, but for the moment it simply serves as a resource and directory for links that have helped me out along the way.  It includes some recommended personal injury solicitors, disability charities, and links to organisations that helped me on my road to recovery.

All of the following websites I would to offer a personal thank you to.

Personal Injury Solicitors in Bristol

I wouldn't have the quality of life that I do today if it wasn't for Martin Edwards who acted as a personal injury solicitor for me. Based in Bristol he was superb, caring, and attentive - plus worked really hard to make sure that I received the most amount of compensaton and care possible. I said I would link to him from my website so here you go Martin. Thank you so much.

Bristol Charities

Here are just a few charities in Bristol that I support and whole-heartedly recommend. Donations always welcome to these guys as they do such a great job in the city.

National Disabilty Charities

In terms of support that I have received for my injuries, there are a few charities that I recommend below. I've not personally had interaction with all of them, but do know the excellent work that they do having spoken to other people at support groups.